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Thanks to you all, I know have over 300,000 views on my content across the web! Thank you all!

I frequently publish material on Hackernoon. My more niche material gets published mostly to Medium. Make sure to subscribe to get my latest stories!

I've also been recording some videos on YouTube but I'm still shy and haven't been promoting them!
My Training
GDD (Free at Bottom)  |  DevOps Bliss  |  Microservice Driven
The same education I give my own engineers to get them delivering Cloud Native microservices, fast.

Over 1,000 engineers have subscribed to my free "Getting Dangerous With DevOps (GDD)" email-based daily training.

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You can catch me at NYC Node Meetups (I'm an organizer), along with our 6,200+ members, or at live workshops and training events! 

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All the ways a top-tier, marketing savvy, technical co-founder can help your business succeed without needing to give away the equity (though you can if you want). 

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Hear The Word On The Street
"I keep mumbling 'we need Pat Scott' in meetings."
Andrew Grenier
VP of Engineering
"Patrick is the 10x unicorn you've been looking for."
Matt Walters
Multi-time CTO, Technology Consultant
"Patrick is always ready and willing to take on the next challenge thrown his way. "
Maria Lees
IT Director
"One of the best UI developers I have ever worked with."
Mangesh Rane
Senior Technical Program Manager
"Any company who hires Patrick will be very fortunate."
Sudha Valett
Senior Technical Architect
"Patrick's systems are the most automated I've ever used."
Alex Tween
Lead Engineer
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